Coming Soon: Madi Manages Money Financial Planning Services

Jul 16, 2023

Madi Manages Money is bringing financial planning services to women and their families this fall.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been this geeked up to write a blog post.

I won’t bury the lede. This fall, Madi Manages Money will open for business as a fee-only financial planner, with a target launch month of September. I’m currently in the process of turning Madi Manages Money into a Registered Investment Advisor.

After a year of creating free content for other moms, it’s become abundantly clear to me that:

  1. There are many women and families who are looking for accessible, approachable financial advice from a fiduciary.
  2. There’s a desire within this community of financially-minded parents to learn more about managing your family’s money from an expert (as indicated by your willingness to digest 1,000-word blog posts, you animals).

I firmly believe a business model exists to meet both of these needs, so here’s what I’m cooking up.

Two Tiers of Financial Planning Services for Women & Their Young Families

To meet mothers and families where they’re at, I’ll offer two levels of financial planning services.

  1. The starter financial plan accompanied by an online course
  2. Comprehensive, ongoing financial planning services

Here are the broad strokes of each.

Starter Financial Plan & Online Course

The starter financial plan will clearly outline the steps you’ll take to lead your family to financial success.

This service will be best for young families with straightforward financial situations. This means you’re probably a W2 employee (i.e., you work for a company), earn a predictable income, and are trying to figure out what type of accounts to put money into or what investments to pick. 

Maybe you’ve been DIYing your finances up until now, but you recognize there’s value in having an expert give you personalized recommendations. Afterall, there’s only so much Googling, deciphering, and hoping you can do before it’s time for a second look.

The starter financial plan will be customized to your family and easy to understand. As your financial planner, I’ll not only outline the steps you should take, but I’ll teach you why you’re taking them. This is where the online course comes in.

I’m super excited about the online course, because I don’t know of another CFP who is teaching clients how to manage their own money while giving them specific advice. It’s the best of both worlds.

The online course will prepare you to make sound financial choices for your family. In many cases, the key financial steps you’ll take each year while your finances are still pretty simple will rhyme.

If you can understand more of the “why,” I’m confident you can make the right choices for your family with a financial plan in place. That is, until you find even more success and it makes business sense to call in the big guns on an ongoing basis.

(Yes, that’s me! When you write your own blog, you get to refer to yourself as the big guns.)

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

Personalized, comprehensive financial planning services are best for busy, high-earning families with more complex situations. “More complex” might mean you’re a successful business owner, you earn equity compensation, or have a portfolio of rental properties, for instance.

You probably feel like you’re regularly making high-stakes financial decisions. Making the right choice means the difference of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket… or not.

I’ll be here to guide you through all of them as your dedicated financial planner. We’ll partner as you make your financial goals a reality.

Madi Manages Money will be a fee-only, advice-only Certified Financial Planner™

I’ll be a fee-only, advice-only financial planner. This means I won’t be taking custody of and managing client assets or charging “asset under management fees” for advice.

Here’s how it will work: I’ll still advise clients on your investments by giving specific advice on what to put in your portfolio, but I won’t be pressuring you to bring your assets to me. The reality is, when you’re in your 30s or so, most of our assets are in places like 401(k) plans, which is exactly where they should be!

Instead, the plan for now is for clients to continue using the low-cost online brokerage company of your choosing.

In the long run, I do think managing assets can be a valuable service to clients. By working with a planner who has discretion over your investments, you can remove additional administrative steps from your plate and really put your finances on autopilot.

We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

I look forward to working with you!

I’m excited and hopeful to work with many of you who’ve read this blog or followed on Instagram over the past year. It has been wonderful to get to know some of you, and I appreciate all of your gracious feedback and encouragement.

To be the first to know once I’m launched and have a formal service offering, please join the waitlist here. 

I’ll release more details on pricing and the process of working together once I’m up and running.

Thanks for following along!

Madi 😊


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