Financial FOMO is real.

Achieve peace of mind with expert guidance for female financial decision makers & their families


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Parenting books forgot the chapter on what to do with your money

Maybe you catch yourself worrying that you’re not fully on track with your family’s finances, especially while juggling the demands of your career, kids, and partner.

You might even lose sleep because you’re missing out on ‘smart money moves.’ Or you feel ashamed about not being on top of things like saving for your next maternity leave or putting money aside for college.

Busy moms often wonder how to secure their family’s future and create a solid financial foundation, but they don’t know where to start, so they’re stuck in financial limbo.

I can help with that.

Create a solid financial game plan

(and stop winging big financial decisions)

Choose confidently
Get the knowledge and help you need to make informed financial decisions.
Invest in the future
Build a bright future that works for your family, one financial step at a time.
Decrease stress
Breathe easy. Let’s smooth those money worries and get you peace of mind.

50% mom, 50% finance bro, 100% in your corner

I created Madi Manages Money using what I’ve learned working as an investment analyst and financial planner over the past decade.

I’m proud to hold both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designations. Unlike most money experts and #finfluencers you find on TikTok, I’ve made investment decisions with billions of dollars at my day job.

Everything changed when I gave birth to my daughter. Like you, I wanted to provide for her in every sense of the word, including financially.


Chartered Financial Analyst


Certified Financial Planner


Years in financial services

Start your journey to financial peace of mind

Say goodbye to financial FOMO, and imagine a life where you make confident decisions and feel in control of your family’s financial future.

Starter Plan

Ready to conquer your financial worries?

Join our one-month program for a personalized financial plan that targets your concerns head-on. Unveil the path to financial peace of mind.

$2,500 for individuals & couples.

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Comprehensive Plan

Transform your financial future with our in-depth program.

Access six months of custom guidance from a CFP. We’ll tackle pressing concerns head-on while leaving no stone unturned.

$6,000 for individuals. $8,500 for couples.

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With the right guidance & expertise, you’ll be empowered to take the reins of your family’s finances

Mom-friendly steps to success

Schedule a call

We’ll meet to assess your current financial position, needs and goals.

Choose your plan

Based on your assessment, I’ll recommend the Plan that works best for your family, right now.

Take control of your finances

Implement the recommended strategies and receive ongoing support to ensure you stay on track toward financial success.


What my clients say

“I would recommend Madi to other young families, who are ready to start preparing for their long-term financial security!”

– Meghin (non-paid, non-client)

“Taking Madi’s course puts your “forever” strategy in place so you can focus on the million other things on your to-do list!”

– Ali (non-paid, non-client)

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Create a future filled
with financial freedom

Get ready to:

  • Become a financial role model for your children
  • Make sound financial decisions with confidence
  • Create a strong foundation for your family
  • Minimize stress around money management
  • Empower yourself and your family’s future
  • Invest wisely for long-term financial security