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Financial planning services for savvy women leading family finances.

As millennials, we’re stepping into parenthood and realizing that our parents and schools didn’t teach us much about money.

We came of age in a world that put the burden on us to figure it out financially without the requisite skills. It’s daunting.

Now, we’re raising young kids, stressed out, and feel like we’re winging it. We know we’re missing out on financial opportunities, especially investing, and we feel ashamed for not knowing what seems like something everyone should.

It’s time to learn, ask, and grow – not just for us, but for our kids, so they don’t inherit this money fog from us.


I want to help you break the cycle of financial confusion.

What you can expect from me


Pursuing designations like CFA & CFP shows my commitment to high professional standards.


Being my true self empowers others, especially younger women seeking advice.


I believe the financial industry overcomplicates matters; simple yet effective strategies can result in substantial progress.


I encourage clients to take action on my recommendations for financial success.


What our clients say

“I would recommend Madi to other young families, who are ready to start preparing for their long-term financial security!”

– Meghin (non-paid, non-client)

“Taking Madi’s course puts your “forever” strategy in place so you can focus on the million other things on your to-do list!”

– Ali (non-paid, non-client)

Madi Manages Money financial planning

Hi, I’m Madi

I created Madi Manages Money using what I’ve learned working as an investment analyst and financial planner over the past decade.

I’m proud to hold both the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designations. Unlike most money experts and #finfluencers you find on TikTok, I’ve made investment decisions with billions of dollars at my day job.

Everything changed when I gave birth to my daughter. Like you, I wanted to provide for her in every sense of the word, including financially.

It occurred to me that other moms feeling the same drive could use help acting on it, because it seems the parenting books forgot the chapter on what to do with your money.

Let me help you lead your family to financial success.

Madi 🙂

Are you ready to stop feeling financial FOMO?

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