The Comprehensive Plan

Digital Course & Tailored Financial Planning Services

As a hardworking mom, having a personalized financial plan and a thoughtfully constructed investment portfolio will help you navigate financial decisions while providing a secure foundation for your family.

Is the Comprehensive Plan right for you?

Personalized, comprehensive financial planning services are best for busy, high-earning families with substantial assets and more complex situations, which may include real estate investments, stock options, and business ownership.

You probably feel like you’re regularly making high-stakes financial decisions, so making the right choice means the difference of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket… or not.

$6,000 for individuals. $8,500 for couples.

Just imagine a life filled with:

  • Support for Major Life Decisions: Feel confident you’ve put enough money aside for important milestones like your kid’s college, buying a home, and retirement.
  • Customized Wealth Roadmap:  Objective guidance from a fee-only fiduciary that maximizes your high-earning potential and investment opportunities.
  • Advanced Investment Expertise: Stay disciplined through market swings and dips with well-diversified portfolios that control costs and are tax-efficient.
  • Strategic Tax Coordination: The benefits of coordinated tax planning, ensuring you minimize tax liabilities while capitalizing on opportunities.

What you’ll receive


A snapshot of your assets & liabilities in one place


Family investment portfolio recommendations


Customized investment projections


Stock option and equity compensation analysis


Income & expense breakdown


College savings analysis


Employee benefits review


Life insurance analysis


What our clients say

“I would recommend Madi to other young families, who are ready to start preparing for their long-term financial security!”

– Meghin (non-paid, non-client)

“Taking Madi’s course puts your “forever” strategy in place so you can focus on the million other things on your to-do list!”

– Ali (non-paid, non-client)

How it works

After our initial consultation, you’ll embark on your financial journey with the Comprehensive Package, which includes ongoing meetings and a self-paced course for independent learning.

As a fee-only, advice-only Certified Financial Planner™,  I won’t take custody of and manage your assets, but I will give specific advice on what to put in your portfolios (without pressuring you to bring your assets to me).

To start, we’ll have six dedicated sessions to build the bones of your financial plan. After that, we’ll continue meeting until we’ve thoroughly addressed all core aspects of your finances over six months. These include managing your cash flow, selecting investments, projecting for retirement, tax, and estate planning.

Meeting 1:

Define your vision.

Meeting 2:

Get financially organized.

Meeting 3:

Create a detailed view of your cash flow.

Meeting 4:

Explore possibilities and brainstorm strategies.

Meeting 5:

Receive your personalized financial plan.

Meeting 6:

Put your plan into action and execute your strategy.

The Family Financial Planning Masterclass

When paired with the Comprehensive Financial Plan, the Masterclass is a self-paced digital course that gives you a deeper level of understanding behind my expert recommendations. It includes nine core lessons that will take you from beginner to advanced.

madison sharick

The curriculum:

1. Is my family ready to invest?

Learn how to create an emergency fund and when to pay off debt (or not) before you begin investing.

2. Investing basics
We’ll demystify common investing jargon and clarify the basics, like the definitions of stocks, bonds, and ETFs.
3. Becoming a successful long-term investor
Long-term stock market trends are much less scary than the media has led you to believe. This module explains how to use this knowledge to your advantage.
4. Picking the right type of investment account
401(k)! IRA! HSA! WTF? IDK! Learn when to use what type of account to minimize taxes and maximize long-term growth.
5. Building your portfolio
This module explains how to build a diversified, low-maintenance investment portfolio of low-cost index funds.
6. Being smart about investment taxes
Simple, intelligent strategies that anyone can follow to reduce your tax bill by thousands per year, now and in the future.
7. Investing for your kids
What are the best investment accounts for your kids, and how much should you be squirreling away for college?
8. Life insurance
Determine how much and what kind of life insurance you need.
9. Estate planning essentials
If you’re a parent, not having an estate plan puts your family at risk. Learn what an estate plan includes and how to get one.

I’m not some suit who bought a house for $22,000 & paid $4,000 for college tuition in 1979 who is suggesting that you cut back on Starbucks as a financial strategy.

I created the Comprehensive Plan Package for three big reasons.

1. There’s nothing else out there like this

Busy moms with young families are often neglected by traditional financial planners, leaving them without tailored guidance for their unique needs.

2. You don’t deserve cookie-cutter advice

I created this solution so women like you – whether you’re a high earner, real estate investor, stock options holder, or business owner – could access personalized guidance for your financial journey.

3. I want you to achieve financial success to match your professional accomplishments

As a high-earning family, you are successful. If that isn’t translating to your finances, I can help you bridge that gap.


What's the difference between the Starter Plan and the Comprehensive Plan?

The Starter Plan is perfect for young families and employees with straightforward financial situations. The Comprehensive Plan is ideal for high-earning families with more complex situations (i.e., assets, real estate, stock options, and business ownership.) It provides tailored guidance for significant life decisions and ongoing support to navigate intricate financial choices.

How does the ongoing support work?

To start, we’ll have six dedicated sessions to build the bones of your financial plan. After that, we’ll continue meeting until we’ve thoroughly addressed all core aspects of your finances over six months. These include managing your cash flow, selecting investments, projecting for retirement, tax, and estate planning.

Can we continue to work together after the Comprehensive Plan package is complete?
Yes! Ongoing advice is then available for a monthly flat fee once the initial six-month engagement concludes. We’ll meet a minimum of 3 times a year, with regular touchpoints outside of these meetings. Subscriptions range between $350-$500. This is only available for those who have purchased a Comprehensive or Starter Package.
Can I access the Family Financial Planning Masterclass in isolation?

At this time, no. I designed the digital course to best serve students actively engaging in a financial planning process with me.